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High Quality - Low Cost

Develop & Scan Service for users of 35mm & 120 C41 process films from just


Once processed and scanned your images can be printed to an extremely high standard if required for a very reasonable extra charge. For example:- 36  6"x4" prints from 35mm would cost just £5.50 extra whilst 12  5"x5"  prints from 120 would be £4 extra, all including FREE return postage along with your negatives.

BCE Photo Lab has been trading under various guises from 1987 and is the photofinishing division of Bradford Camera Exchange Co.Ltd., one of the UK's longest established photographic retailers, in business since 1936.


Combine our ultra-clean, scratch free C41 film processing with scans from our top of the range Noritsu HS-1800 scanner for a perfect result every time. Choose between standard and high resolution jpegs or uncompressed tiff files - all at extremely competitive prices.

We also include at no extra cost an email link to a WeTransfer download of your images and the FREE return postage of your negatives. Most orders are completed the same day your film arrives at our premises.

As well as our Develop & Scan Service we also offer scanning of previously processed negatives and slides from just 20p per frame. As our Noritsu HS-1800 scanner incorporates Digital Ice Software, dust and scratches are removed from colour images during the scanning process.

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