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Negatives and slides taken over the years contain precious memories that become more valuable the older they get, but time can take it's toll. Before they deteriorate why not digitally archive your collection and preserve them for the future.


During this process we can often enhance images to compensate for fading, lack of contrast and colour loss. Our top-of-range scanning equipment will also remove dust and minor blemishes from colour negatives and slides automatically. In short the new digital image may be far better than the original -  and all for as little as 20p per 35mm scan. Images can be saved to your computer hard drive, burnt to CD/DVD or written to USB Flash Drive, then viewed on various electronic devices or printed.

Please number your sleeves containing strips of 35mm or 120 negatives/transparencies in the order you would like them scanned. 35mm slides  should be in either card or plastic mounts, but not behind glass, and numbered if you require them in a particular order.





* Please note - Quoted resolution sizes relate to 35mm negatives. Resolution from other negatives will vary depending on format.



Above Prices Include:

FREE Download Link Directly to Your Email via WeTransfer.

FREE Return Standard Postage of Negs/Slides via Royal Mail.

( Ugrades available - 1st Class Signed +£2.00 / Special Delivery +£6.00 irrespective of size of order)

Please send your order packed in a stout envelope or padded bag to:

BCE Photo Lab, 17 Northgate, Bradford, W. Yorkshire BD1 3JR

Please Note, 1st or 2nd Class Standard and Large stamps are for letters no thicker than 5mm & 25mm respectively. As using the incorrect stamps may result in delays and excess charges from Royal Mail

please check at the Post Office to ensure the correct postage is paid. We recommend using 'Signed For'

or 'Special Delivery' services for added peace of mind when sending important material.

Please enclose your name, address, email details & daytime phone number when ordering. We will contact you for payment.

Sample jpeg scans from our Noritsu HS-1800

Click on image to view full screen

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